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9 swiss champion titles on 1500m, 5000m, cross-country and more than 15 years experience in athletics

Alexandre Roch and top-level sport

In 2002, Alexandre Roch discovers athletics quite coincidentally. His family registers him for the Escalade race where he finishes at an encouraging 21st rank in the category cadets. Then this is naturally that he starts his career with the club Stade Genève. Under the coaching of Pierre Dällenbach and Marco Jäger, he discovers the full richness of this sport that unites endurance with willpower, self-discipline, pleasure and discovery. He also finds an unexpected social aspect and feels quickly comfortable in the training's group. 

His athletic abilities are noticed and he moves quickly to the national level. He specialises on the 1500m (PB 3'49''30) and achieves podium success on repeated occasions in the Swiss Championships. The cross-country is a (winter) discipline where he shows very good abilities as well and he qualifies on 4 occasions for the Junior and U23 European cross-country Championships in the Swiss national team. Running in the mud or in the snow is not a punition for him!

Nine years later, with 9 swiss champion titles (1500m, cross-country, 5000m), he specialises on the 5000m (PB 14'30) and 10'000m. His personal best on the 10'000m (track) is 30'42 and he does it during the swiss championships in 2013 where he finishes 2nd.

In 2014, he runs his first half marathon in Geneva and crosses the line in 5th place after a solo race (1h09'35''). On the road, he also ranks on two occasions as the best swiss runer in Escalade race (21st in 22'20'') and ranks 8th in Morat-Fribourg (57'19''). In 2015, Alexandre does his first marathon and, even though he lacks specific preparation, ranks 14th of the Lucern Marathon in 2h44'12''.


Knowledge transfer and running coaching

Passionate about training and health questions in sport, he shares his experience for many years in the context of group and personal sessions with his club Stade Genève where he launched a qualitative training's group with Michael Boehler and Julien Salamun. Since June 2016, Alexandre created the Morning Runners Geneva (MRG), a group of early birds meeting twice a week at 6:45 am by the lake for interval sessions and technique drills and coordination exercices. He is also coach of the Manor Run Club, created by Manor and Nike since September 2016.

Training pursued:

  • "Micronutrition et sport: la santé au coeur de la performance" given by Anthony Berthou
  • J+S I in Athletics

Associative life in the running world

From 2011 to the end of 2015, Alexandre was member of the Committee of Stade Genève as Athletes Representative. He established an ethical charter for competitive athletes and coaches of the club. He also took care of marketing for the Swiss Championship U16/U18 2012 and Swiss Championship Elite 2016 and he organises the Geneva Championship in cross-country since 2014. Since 2015, he takes part in the invitation of international elite athletes for the Escalade race with the collaboration of Julien Salamun.

Education and professionnal life

Alexandre obtained a Master of Science in Atmospheric sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (also known as ETH Zürich) and worked 3 years in an international private bank in Geneva as a market and credit risk analyst before pursuing his own personal projects. He co-founded the startup the fair traveller, an online platform dedicated to sustainable touristic establishments. He works on sustainable finance topics and represents the Swiss Bankers Association in Romandie and continues to do different endurance sports with passion on the side. 

Personal bests

  800m 1000m 1500m 3000m 5000m 10'000m (piste) 10km (route) 1/2 Marathon Marathon
2003 2'35''19 4'08''47
2004 2'00''00 2'30''41 4'00''85
2005 1'56''42 2'27''09 3'55''80 8'47''84 35'15 (Bienne)
2006 1'54''55 2'25''06 3'54''28 15'49''16
2007 1'54''48 3'49''30 8'33''52 14'33''91
2008 3'51''61 8'40''29 15'14''22 30'17 (Lausanne)
2009 3'53''00 31'58 (Payerne)
2010 3'58''11 8'25''01 14'41''23 31'06 (Payerne)
2011 4'02'66 8'32''95 14'30''02 31'29 (Carouge)
2012 8'39''16 15'00''43 30'52''78 33'23 (Lausanne) 1h11'47 (Uster)
2013 14'54''38 30'42''00 31'42 (Uster)
2014 31'35 (Saxon) 1h09'35 (Genève)
2015 33'01 (Genève) 1h14'13 (Amsterdam) 2h44'13 (Lucerne)
2016 3h01'42 (New York)
2017 14'51''21 32'21 (Presinge) 1h08'53 (Genève)

Running achievements


International results

  • World Championship university in cross-country, Mauquenchy (Fra)
  • European Championship in cross-country U23, Bruxelles (Be)
  • European Championship in cross-country U23, San Giorgio (Ita)
  • European Championship in cross-country Junior, Tilburg (Ned)
  • European Championship in cross-country Junior, Heringsdorf (All)

National results

  • 8th Swiss Championship elite on 5000m in 14'51''21
  • 11th Swiss Championship long cross, Köniz
  • 11th Swiss Championship 10km 31'35, Saxon
  • 6th Swiss Championship long cross, Düdingen
  • 2nd Swiss Championship 10'000m 30'42', Uster
  • 8th Swiss Championship 5000m
  • 19th Swiss Championship 10km 31'42, Uster
  • 7th Swiss Championship 5000m 15'00''
  • 7th Swiss Champion 10'000m 30'52''
  • 4th Swiss Championship long cross Elite, Sion
  • Swiss Champion university cross, Bern
  • 10th Swiss Championship 31'06, Payerne
  • Swiss Champion short cross U23 & Elite, Tenero
  • Swiss Champion long cross U23, Tenero
  • Swiss Champion university cross, Thun
  • Swiss Champion 5000m U23, Luzern
  • Swiss Champion short cross U23, Gettnau
  • Swiss Champion short cross U23, Genève
  • 3rd Swiss Championship 1500m U23, Frauenfeld
  • Swiss Champion 1500m Junior, Regensdorf

Other results

  • 2nd of the Tour du Canton de Genève
    • 4th of the 1st stage (Dardagny)
    • 3rd of the 2nd stage (Lancy)
    • 3rd of the 3rd stage (Puplinge)
    • 2nd of the 4th stage (Bellevue)
  • 3rd Geneva half-marathon in 1h08''53
  • 2nd of the Course des Ponts
  • 4th of the Tour de Presinge
  • 33rd Thyon Dixence 1h31'04
  • 33rd Morat Fribourg 1h01'13
  • TCS New York City Marathon 3h01'42
  • 2nd Foulées Automnales (5km) 15'54
  • 49th Escalade race (Escaladélite) 23'18
  • 21st Amsterdam Half Marathon 1h14'13
  • 14th Lucern Marathon 2h44'13
  • 5th Geneva Half Marathon 1h09'35
  • 1st Geneva Championship in cross
  • 1st Course du Vignoble Soral
  • 11th Morat-Fribourg 57'19'' (longer distance: 17.45km)
  • 2nd 10km du Pays Rochois 31'55
  • 7th Corrida d'Octodure (Martigny) Elite 24'01'' (7.8km)
  • 3rd Trans'Onésienne 35'19''
  • 22nd Escalade race (Escaladélite) 22'33'' and 1st swiss
  • 12th Course de Noël (Sion) Elite 21'24'' (7km)
  • 5th 10km de Lausanne 33'23''
  • 14th CS 1/2 Marathon Uster (Zh) 1'11'47
  • 8th Morat-Fribourg 58'11'' (longer distance: 17.45km) and 2nd swiss
  • 1st Tour de Presinge 5km 15'23''
  • 4th Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run (Nürburgring, Allemagne)
  • 6th Courir pour aider (Meinier) 37'07'' (11.1km) and 1st genevois
  • 3rd 10km de Carouge 31'29''
  • 12th de Morat-Fribourg 58'12'' and 5th swiss
  • 14th Corrida d'Octodure (Martigny) Elite 22'25'' (7.7km) and 1st swiss
  • 1st Trans'Onésienne 34'53'' (11km) 
  • 21st Escalade race (Escaladélite) 22'20'' (1st swiss)
  • 14th Course de Noël (Sion) Elite 20'45'' (7km) and 1st swiss
  • 3rd Cross de Düdingen (Elite)
  • 4th Cross de Vidy (Elite)
  • Geneva Champion in cross-country
  • 1st Tour de Presinge 5km 14'59''
  • 9th 10km de Carouge 32'03''
  • 14th Corrida d'Octodure (Martigny) Elite 24'00'' (7694m) and 1st swiss
  • 23rd Corrida bulloise Elite 25'06 (8000m) and 6th swiss
  • 21st Escalade race (Escaladélite) 20'58'' (shorter distance) and 3rd swiss
  • 1st Derby des Bois (Versoix)
  • 26th Escalade race (Escaladélite) 22'33'' (7248m)
  • 14th Course de Nöel (Sion) Elite 22'11'' (7000m)
  • 2nd 1/4 marathon de Lausanne (10km too much downhill) 30'17''
  • Geneva Champion in cross-country
  • 1st Cross Satus (short cross)
  • 2nd Cross Satus (short cross)
  • 3rd Escalade race Junior 23'27''