Our philosophy

Coherence - Progression - Long term - Pleasure


Xtra Mile aims to allow you to progress in the long run so that running becomes a pleasure, taking into account your external stress and constraints. 


A comprehensive and coherent approach

Training must be considered as part of a whole and reevaluated regularly depending on your motivation, your physical condition and your external constraints. We are here to supervise and encourage you to push your limits, reach your objectives and take into account your own constraints in a balanced approach.



It is legitimate to have the willingness to progress in the activities we pursue. Running is no exception to the rule and setting ambitious goals (but realistic!) will help you to get motivated and bring together your assets. The objective can be a good time like running the half marathon in 1h40 or the Escalade race in less than 30' (men) of 22' (women). It can also be a qualitative objective like feeling better in your body, loose weight or follow an activity good for you.


Long term

Xtra Mile wants to coach you in the long term in boosting your own potential. The notion of long term is very relative and it is more and more complicated to take time nowadays. Preparing for a marathon for example takes time, sometimes years. Our objective is that you see the benefits of training in a sustainable manner and not to move you forward because of a last minute challenge.



The notion of pleasure is crucial in every activity and particularly in sport. The driver of your motivation should be the pleasure you feel during of after a workout or after having reached your objective. Running is not always a pleasure but it is important to find this feeling of fullness at some point. The group sessions or the achievement of a goal will allow you to say: "This is great, I did it!!!"


A holistic approach

Xtra Mile aims to build out a high quality network of reliable and coherent actors and partners in order to allow you to progress along with your other projects. Running is one of the sports where freedom is the most accessible. This freedom is priceless! To take full advantage of it, this is important to benefit from quality advice to move in the right direction. The good choice of shoes is crucial, this is why we work with Running Planet Genève. For sport medicine matters, we work with the center of Sport Medicine and Exercice of the Clinique La Colline as well as for the treadmill effort test (VO2max). In a preventive perspective, we also collaborate with Christian Beerli (Thera Massage), well-known masseur and acupuncturist in the athletics and running community who was the former masseur of the club Stade Genève and still follows the 10km swiss record holder Julien Wanders. Finally, we also collaborate with François Roch Coaching, Master coach PNL and specialist of the concept "la nutrition autrement" including detox, metabolic regeneration and the research of imbalances related to food.