Get a high-quality coaching and reach your objectives!

We offer you various packages suitable to your objectives & levels or personal coaching & advices

  1. You want to get back into an exercice routine and have fun?
  2. You have a specific objective and want to maximise your chances to succeed?
  3. You need to get a personal coaching to motivate yourself?

In answering favourably to one of these 3 questions we can consider a collaboration with one of the packages detailed below or in building a personalised coaching!

Our group sessions

Morning Runners Geneva

  • When? Mondays and Thursdays morning @ 6h45
  • Where? RDV at Alive, Rue des Barques 2, 1207 Genève (Eaux-Vives area) next to the Jardin Anglais
    • Shower and changing rooms available
  • To whom? For the early birds! All levels are welcome.
  • What? 
    • Monday: 30' jogging + 30' core strength / circuit training
    • Thursday: warmup footing + running drills and stride exercices + short interval training

Tuesday AfterWork

  • When? Tuesdays evening 6:45 pm
  • Where? RDV at Running Planet Genève (34 avenue de Frontenex, 1207 Genève)
  • To whom? All levels are welcome
  • What? Interval training with running technique drills

Run & Brunch

  • When? One Sunday per month
  • Where? at the organic farm of La Touvière
  • To whom? Open to everyone, free
  • What? Endurance all levels, stride exercices, coordination and drills & visit of local artisans and farmers & brunch at La Touvière
  • More information and inscription: here


Package Starter
1 group sessions per week
Month *

Tuesday AfterWork Run 6:45 pm at Running Planet Genève

OR Morning Runners Geneva Monday 6:45 am at Alive

OR Morning Runners Geneva Thursday 6:45 am at Alive

25.- / session individually

Package Group
3 group sessions per week
Month *

Tuesday AfterWork Run 6:45 pm at Running Planet Genève

Morning Runners Geneva Monday 6:45 am at Alive

Morning Runners Geneva Thursday 6:45 am at Alive

1 discussion per quarter about the objectives and progression

25.- / session individually

Package Target
3 group sessions per week + training plan
Month *

Tuesday AfterWork Run 6:45 pm at Running Planet Genève

Morning Runners Geneva Monday 6:45 am at Alive

Morning Runners Geneva Thursday 6:45 am at Alive

Joint training plan

1 personal session per quarter of 60' or a discussion with feedback

25.- / session individually

Annual subscription: 

  • Package Group: 750.- (2 months free)
  • Package Target: 990.- (2 months free)

*Minimum period and payement method: Starter, Group and Target packages must be subscribed for a period of 3 months. The effect of training is not immediate and participants will need a regular training during a period of approximatively 12 weeks to see benefits.  

*Terms of paiement: paiement is due at the beginning of the period. 

Loyalty discounts: 

  • people with a Group or Target package can benefit from a 20% discount on personal training offers.
  • people with personal offers and personal training sessions can benefit from a 25% discount on per-unit group sessions.

Personal training & Personalised training plan

If you are interested to get personalised sessions (60') or aren't able to join the group sessions, we propose personalised session up to 4 people so that you can progress at your own pace and get a personalised feedback.

Price per session in CHF 1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons
Personal session running 100 130 150 170
5 sessions 450 600 700 800
10 sessions 850 1100 1300 1500

Corporate package

Give your employees the possibility to set common goals by improving health at work

Running with your colleagues allow you to get to know each other better outside the company environment. Setting common goals in a sportive environment is the best way to strengthen humain relations and offer you the possibility to enhance your personal and professional welfare. Moreover, the company rankings in most races is another motivation to train with your colleagues for a common goal!

Contact us and let's discuss together the best way to reach your objective!